1. What are the services offered at Rashid Hospital Jumeirah?

2. How do I get to the hospital? Where exactly are you located?

Rashid Hospital Jumeirah is located on the Jumeirah Beach Road right below the Dubai Canal bridge offering stunning views of the canal itself. The hospital’s main entrance is right below the bridge; please head straight on the Jumeirah Beach Road (towards Abu Dhabi) otherwise referred to as Jumeirah Street on any digital map you may be using for navigation and stay right after the signal in front of the Four Seasons hotel to access the filter road right below the canal bridge giving you access to the U-turn under it. Take the U-turn under the bridge and you will be welcomed by our Valet staff who will be happy to guide you to our guest managers while taking care of your vehicles parking needs.

Should you wish to park your vehicle by yourself, our valet will glady guide you to the parking entrances to the basements. We have 2 basement levels to ensure none of our guests ever have the difficulty to find one.

3. Is my insurance network covered at the hospital?

We have a dedicated call centre at the hospital who would be happy to take you through understanding your Insurance provider and the network covered at the hospital.

For a detailed list of partners please click here.

4. Can I request an appointment online?

Yes! You most certainly may. Follow the simple steps requiring some basic information to book your appointment online via the link below:

Online Booking

5. What’s the call centre number?

For any and all enquiries, please send us email via info@rashidhd.com. A dedicated call center means you get the right advice on who to consult with and your enquiries are met with swift responses.

6. Can I send email enquiries via info@rashidhd.com for emergencies also?

Our emergency hotline is active 24/7 with a dedicated team to cater to any and all emergencies. Yes, please call us in the event of a medical emergency!

7. Do you work on the weekends?

Rashid Hospital is open for your care and needs throughout the week including Fridays. For any and all enquiries, please send us email via info@rashidhd.com to book your appointment

8. What are the visiting hours at Rashid Hospital?

Our Out-Patient clinics are open from 8am to 9pm

Should you have a loved one on the path to healing and currently admitted at the hospital:
In-patient visitors 8am – 10pm